Supervision / Duty of Care Policy

1. Definitions

1.1 DET – Department of Education and Training.

1.2 DHS – Department of Human Service (Child Protection).

1.3 Positive Behaviours Model – school wide process to manage student behaviour.

1.4 WWCC – Working with Children Check.

2. Purpose

2.1 To ensure the school satisfies it duty of care in supervising students.

2.2 To ensure reasonable steps are taken to ensure student safety.

3. Guidelines

3.1 The school grounds will be supervised each school day from 8:45am to 3:45pm. The school does not accept responsibility for students before or after these times or on days when the school is closed to students. When students are at school outside of these hours without parent/guardian supervision, they are expected to attend before and after school care.

3.2 Students will be supervised within classrooms and when moving to and from different learning areas by teachers, as well before and after school, and during recess and lunchtime.

3.3 Students going to the bathroom will be accompanied by at least one other student (of the same gender when possible).

3.4 Students are not permitted indoors during recess and lunchtime unless supervised by a specific teacher for a specific purpose e.g. choir rehearsal.

3.5 In the case of wet or extreme weather, students will be supervised inside by staff members.

3.6 Parents working as helpers may work with small groups of students under the supervision of a teacher. These parents are expected to exercise a duty of care and have a current WWCC. Where applicable, an induction process will be implemented prior to parent helpers working with individual and/or small groups of students.

3.7 All students arriving late to school must report and sign in at the office and collect a late pass before heading to class.

3.8 All students being picked up prior to 3:30pm must be signed out at the office by their parent or guardian prior to collection.

4. Implementation

4.1 Parents/guardians are responsible for:

4.1.1 the care and supervision of students travelling to and from school;

4.1.2 the care and supervision outside of the supervision times of (i.e. 8:45am – 3:45pm); and

4.1.3 the care and supervision of their pre-school and any other children at all times.

4.2 Staff are responsible for:

4.2.1 ensuring students are supervised at all times within their learning space;

4.2.2 ensuring students travel in pairs when leaving a classroom for any reason;

4.2.3 ensuring they are at their designated supervision area at the correct time;

4.2.4 wearing a fluorescent coloured vest when on yard duty, in order to be clearly visible to students in the playground;

4.2.5 collecting a first aid bag to take out to yard duty;

4.2.6 administering basic first aid;

4.2.7 staying within their supervision area if another teacher does not arrive for change over and contacting the office to arrange an alternative staff member;

4.2.8 calling for assistance if a student is suffering a serious injury or an anaphylactic shock;

4.2.9 carrying their mobile phones in case of an emergency;

4.2.10 dealing with student incidents whilst on duty through application of the Positive Behaviours Model and having restorative conversations;

4.2.11 ensuring class teachers are made aware of any incidents which may have occurred during supervision time;

4.2.12 approaching visitors or unknown persons with the playground to ensure they have signed in at the office;

4.2.13 ensuring the Principal and/or Assistant Principals are notified if student safety may be in danger for any reason;

4.2.14 ensuring the wet and extreme weather timetable is enacted in the event of wet or extreme weather; and

4.2.15 ensuring the correct ratio of adults to children as per DET guidelines is adhered to when exiting the school grounds (e.g. excursions).

4.3 Principals/Assistant Principals are responsible for:

4.3.1 ensuring school supervision is provided for a minimum of 10 minutes before and after school which in the case of Coatesville Primary School is from 8:45am to 9.00am and from 3.30pm to 3:45pm;

4.3.2 ensuring a sufficient number of teachers are available to supervise students at recess and lunchtime as well as for the departure of students at the end of the school day;

4.3.3 ensuring a sufficient number of staff are on duty in each learning area in the event of wet or extreme weather;

4.3.4 ensuring the safe arrival and collection of students who arrive late and depart early with a parent / guardian;

4.3.5 ensuring adequate supervision is provided when leaving the school grounds for excursions and interschool sport, as well as when using a swimming pool for swimming lessons, as per DET guidelines;

4.3.6 ensuring adequate supervision is provided when attending school camps; and

4.3.7 ensuring all visitors sign in at the front office and wear their visitors’ identification sticker whilst on school grounds or on an excursion.

4.4 If a parent/guardian has failed to collect a student after school the following actions will be taken in this order;

4.4.1 office staff will attempt to contact the parent/guardians;

4.4.2 office staff will attempt to contact emergency contacts;

4.4.3 administration / office staff will enrol the student in out of school care (if appropriate at 3:45pm); and

4.4.4 Victorian Police and/or Department of Human Services (Child Protection) DHS will be contacted to arrange supervision, care and protection of the student.

5. Evaluation

5.1 This policy will be reviewed every two years (or as required) as part of the school’s policy review cycle.