Visitors in School Policy

1. Definitions

1.1 DET – Department of Education and Training.

1.2 DHS – Department of Human Service (Child Protection).

1.3 Visitors - all people entering school grounds during school hours (8.45am to 3.45pm Monday to Friday) other than staff members, students and parents/carers acting in their capacity as parents/carers delivering or collecting children at the start or the end of the school day.

1.4 Volunteers – A person whom without remuneration or reward voluntarily engages in school work, for example a volunteer parent reader or parent classroom friend.

1.5 WWCC - Working with Children Check.

2. Purpose

2.1 To provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff and resources by establishing guidelines and procedures in relation to Visitors to the school that effectively monitor and manage Visitors without compromising the open and inclusive nature of the school.

2.2 To ensure that the school community is aware of the procedures regarding Visitors to Coatesville Primary School. The school, as part of the wider community, seeks to provide an open and friendly learning environment where appropriate Visitors are valued and their presence is actively encouraged.

2.3 To recognise our duty of care to ensure a safe environment for our students and staff and our responsibility to protect our resources against theft, vandalism and misuse.

3. Guidelines

3.1 Coatesville Primary School acknowledges that strong partnerships between the school, families, Volunteers, community services, the broader community and business contribute to children’s development and learning. Effective management of all Visitors, Volunteers and outside providers and support, training and recognition of Volunteer school workers contributes to positive outcomes for children, minimises risk and is essential to the safety and privacy of students.

3.2 The Principal has operational responsibility in relation to the Visitors who are allowed onto Coatesville Primary School, for what purpose and on what conditions. All Visitors to the school are admitted at the discretion of the Principal or in her/his absence the Assistant Principal.*

4. Implementation

4.1 All Visitors are required to report to the administration office.

4.2 All Visitors during school hours are required to register their arrival at, and departure from the school electronically. This includes:

4.2.1 identifying the reasons for the visit, the Visitor’s full name and contact number;

4.2.2 reading the Code of Conduct Policy and acknowledging that they will comply with the Code of Conduct Policy;

4.2.3 being photographed; and

4.2.4 signing in.

4.3 A Visitor’s badge is printed with all the relevant details, including their name and recording the date, times and purpose of the visit. Visitors will wear this badge for the duration of the visit. A Visitor not wearing a current badge may be questioned as to the reason for their presence by staff, students or parents. They may be escorted to the administration office to obtain a badge.

4.4 Parents/ carers picking up children early are required to sign in / out their child in the student late arrivals / early dismissal electronic system in the administration area and do not require a visitor’s badge.

4.5 Under the Working with Children Act 2005, volunteers or paid workers in the school are required to have a WWCC. A register of WWCC is maintained by the school and is kept in the administration office.

4.6 Coatesville Primary School requires all Volunteers working in the class rooms with individual children or groups of children; such as parent helpers, or without school staff supervision; such as in the school canteen, to present a WWCC for copying and filing at the administration office, prior to commencing work.

4.7 To ensure the safety of students, staff and Visitors in the event of an emergency situation at the school, all sessional instructors, outside service providers, Volunteers and Visitors during school hours (8.45am to 3.45pm) are required to register at the administration office on every visit, and wear a Visitor’s badge whilst in the school.

4.8 The school’s emergency management procedures ensure that Visitors within the school at the time of any emergency or practice drill will be recognised and appropriately catered for.

4.9 Visitors, specialist staff, outside service providers and Volunteers are required to carry out tasks in a manner consistent with school expectations as stated in the Code of Conduct Policy, including maintenance of a professional, cooperative and confidential working environment that reflects the values and views of the school as described in the Student Engagement and Inclusion Policy.

4.10 Maintenance contractors will be required to present identification and complete necessary paperwork in relation to the work at the school.

4.11 Visitors needing to take photos (e.g. surveyors, architects) will be escorted by the Principal or a designated member of staff. No photos of children will be permitted without the approval of the parents/carers. Teachers will be notified prior to events that Visitors will be taking photographs.

4.12 Only those parent/carers who are nominated on the child’s school records on Sentral, will be permitted to collect students from school.

5. Related School Based Policies

5.1 Student Wellbeing, Engagement and Inclusion Policy.

Code of Conduct Policy.

Child safe Policy.

6. DET resources

6.1 This Policy should be read in conjunction with:

School Policy and Advisory Guide;

6.1.1 Duty of Care;

6.1.2 Special Religious Instruction;

6.1.3 Visitors in schools;

6.1.4 Volunteer Checks;

6.1.5 Volunteer Workers; and

6.1.6 Creating Respectful and Safe School Communities.

7. Evaluation

7.1 This policy will be reviewed every two years (or as required) as part of the school’s policy review cycle.

*Under the Summary Offences Act 1966 and subsequent amendments, the principal or delegated nominee, reserves the right, and has the authority to prohibit any potential visitor from entering or remaining within the school, and also has the authority to invite or exclude people from using or being within the school boundaries outside school operating hours.