Transitions Policy

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1. Definitions

1.1 Coatesville’s Transition Program entails 3 stages;

1.1.1 Kinder to Prep transition;

1.1.2 Grade to Grade transition ‘Step Up’; and

1.1.3 Grade 6 to Year 7 transition.

1.2 DET – Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

1.3 Executive Leadership Team (ELT) consists of Principal, Assistant Principals and Leading Teachers

1.4 Grade to Grade Buddy program – One Grade class is linked with another Grade class, where possible a two year gap, eg. Grade 1 and Grade 3

1.5 IB –PYP - International Baccalaureate – Primary Years Programme

1.6 PCF – Parent Classroom Friends

1.7 Prep Buddy program – Preps are linked with a Grade 5 or 6 buddy to support their transition to school.

2. Rationale

2.1 Successful school transition is vital to a child’s educational, social and emotional development. Each transition stage should enhance a child’s independence and support his/her successful participation in school life.

3. Purpose

3.1 To provide a structured and supportive transition from kindergarten to Prep, from grade to grade and on to secondary school settings.

3.2 To ensure a supportive transition for all new students and their families to Coatesville Primary School after the school year begins.

3.3 To establish and maintain procedures that build strong links between Coatesville Primary School, kinders/early childcare centres and government secondary schools.

3.4 To ensure that students with special needs or disabilities have appropriate support as per DET guidelines.

4. Guidelines

4.1 The transition program will:

4.1.1 provide opportunities for future students to become familiar and connected with Coatesville Primary School;

4.1.2 provide opportunities for students to interact with their peers in a new environment and become familiar with other teachers in the school (Grade to Grade);

4.1.3 build authentic links with local secondary schools (Grade 6 to Year 7);

4.1.4 promote collaboration and communication between home and school;

4.1.5 provide a range of positive experiences for students that reflect the IB- PYP Learner Profile; and

4.1.6 recognise that each students’ needs differ according to their background, social/emotional needs and stage of development.

5. Implementation

5.1 A member of the ELT will oversee the transition programs.

Prep Orientation program (K-P)

5.2 A Prep teacher will be appointed annually to coordinate the Prep Orientation program.

5.2 Throughout Semester One the Prep Orientation coordinator will;

5.2.1 develop a schedule for visits to local kindergartens and early childcare centres;

5.2.2 create and publish promotional materials, including notice of Open Days, school tours;

5.2.3 organise parent information sessions;

5.2.4 prepare the Prep Orientation schedule and program; and

5.2.5 liaise with the Parent Classroom Friends about how they can be involved in supporting the Prep Orientation program.

5.3 In Term 2, school tours for prospective parents will be conducted by the ELT.

5.4 In Term 3, a member of the ELT will meet personally with new families.

5.5 In Term 4, the Prep Orientation program will be conducted over four sessions for enrolled students. The child’s class teacher for the following year will be published at the last Prep Orientation session.

5.6 At the commencement of the new school year, the Prep Teaching & Learning Leader will develop a modified weekly timetable to support the smooth and enjoyable transition of Prep students.

Step Up - Grade to Grade

5.7 The Step Up coordinator will be appointed annually.

5.8 The Step Up coordinator will;

5.8.1 organise the Step Up - Grade to Grade transition program, in consultation with Teaching & Learning Leaders;

5.8.2 keep the community informed via The Communicator and Konnective App;

5.8.3 oversee the preparation of letters from teachers to students for distribution on the last day of school; and

5.8.4 assign each grade with a buddy grade for the year.

5.9 In Term 4, the Step Up program will be conducted over five sessions. Students will receive a Step Up certificate which will be ‘stamped’ at each session as evidence of the student’s participation.

5.10 On the last day of school year, students will be made aware of their class teacher and class location for the following year. Where possible they will meet their teacher.

Grade 6 to Year 7

5.11 The transition coordinator will be appointed annually to coordinate the Year 7 program.

5.12 The transition coordinator will:

5.12.1 be responsible for ensuring DET timelines regarding secondary transition are followed;

5.12.2 collect all of the relevant paperwork and follow up with secondary colleges regarding each student, as needed;

5.12.3 source local programs which support primary to secondary transition for students;

5.12.4 work alongside local secondary colleges to arrange presentation to the Grade 6’s regarding their options for the following year; and

5.12.5 keep parents informed of transition information and DET timelines.

Students Commencing During a School year

5.13 It is acknowledged that due to family relocation, new arrival to Australia and other circumstances, families who reside within the Neighbourhood Boundary may enrol after the commencement of the school year. The following process will be implemented in the event of a student being enrolled after the commencement of the school;

5.13.1 an ELT representative will meet with the new student and family members/s;

5.13.2 students will be allocated a class. (refer to ‘Student Allocation to Class’ policy available on the school website);

5.13.3 student’s class teacher will arrange a parent teacher interview as soon as is practicable after a student’s enrolment;

5.13.4 new students will be assigned a class buddy to assist with settling happily into Coatesville PS;

5.13.5 students will be welcomed at Monday Assembly and the next Grade Assembly. He/she will receive a Coatesville badge; and

5.13.6 PCF will make contact with new parents/carers.