School Captains Policy

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1. Definitions

1.1 School Captains – School Captains and Vice Captains 

1.2 Principal Class – Principal and Assistant Principals 


2. Purpose 

2.1 To define the roles and responsibilities of the School Captains. 

2.2 To provide clear guidelines regarding the democratic selection process of electing the School Captains. 


3. Guidelines 

3.1 Outline the selection criteria for nominations. 

3.2 State the criteria for retention of position once elected. 

3.3 Outline the procedures for nominations and voting. 

3.4 One male and one female will be elected as School Captain. 

3.5 One male and one female will be elected as School Vice-Captain. 

3.6 In the absence of male or female applicants, two male or two female students will be elected as School Captains. 

3.7 Prospective School Captains will consistently demonstrate the Core Values of Coatesville Primary School: Achievement, Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation and Harmony. 

3.8 An application process will be provided to students who wish to stand for election. 

3.9 Any student who has been suspended in the current year of the ballot will not be eligible to stand for election. 

3.10 The Principal will make the final decision regarding short listed candidates. 

3.11 School Captains automatically become Student Representative Councillors and will chair the Student Representative Council meetings. 

3.12 School Captains are not eligible to be elected as House Captains. 

3.13 School Captains will participate in an induction program. 

3.14 School Captains will receive a badge of office to be worn each day. 


4. Implementation Nominations 

4.1 Students in Grade 5 will be eligible for nomination provided they meet the selection criteria. 

4.2 Grade 5 students will apply in writing to the Principal for a School Captain role in the following year. 

4.3 Students involved in the election voting process will be the current Grade 4 & 5 students (i.e. the Grade 5 and 6 students of the following year). 

4.4 Selection Criteria for nominations is for students to have: 

4.4.1 consistently displayed the 5 Core Values of Coatesville Primary School 

- Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, Harmony and Achievement; 

4.4.2 attended Coatesville Primary School for a minimum of 12 months; 

4.4.3 worn their school uniform with pride; 

4.4.4 had a high level of involvement in the life of the school; 

4.4.5 demonstrated competence in public speaking; 

4.4.6 an excellent attendance record; 

4.4.7 aspired and strived to achieve the highest standards of engagement in learning; and 

4.4.8 demonstrated leadership qualities including modelling positive behaviour. 

4.5 Responsibilities may include: 

4.5.1 representing the student body at official school functions; 

4.5.2 disseminating information to the student body; 

4.5.3 assisting with the induction of new students; 

4.5.4 planning for and leading weekly whole school assemblies; 

4.5.5 leading special school events; 

4.5.6 assisting the Principal and school staff when required; and 

4.5.7 welcoming and thanking visitors to the school. 

4.6 Principal class in conjunction with teachers, will coordinate the voting process to elect School Captains. 

4.7 Elections will be held annually during December of the year prior to taking up the School Captains’ appointment. 

4.8 Students will be provided with this policy, a role statement and an essential agreement prior to the commencement of the process. 

4.9 Applications will not be accepted after the closing date and time. 

4.10 A representative of the Principal class in conjunction with teachers, will shortlist applications. 

4.11 Applicants will be advised, in writing, whether they have been short listed. 

4.12 A representative of the Principal Class will meet personally with students whose applications have not been successful and provide feedback. 

4.13 Students, who have been short listed, will be invited to prepare a three-minute speech without gimmicks or distractions (e.g. PowerPoint, gifts, posters, etc.). The presentation will be delivered to the Grade 4 & 5 students and will include the reasons why he/she would be the best candidate for the position of School Captain. 

4.14 Any candidate who unduly pressures other students to obtain votes will become ineligible to proceed to the ballot. 

4.15 A representative of the Principal Class will discuss with students, the need to choose the best person for the position. Students will be encouraged to consider each candidate’s leadership qualities and attributes. 

4.16 Following the delivery of a speech to students, all students will vote in the form of a secret ballot, including the candidates. 

4.17 The Principal Class will count the votes. 

4.18 The outcome of the ballot will be made available, as soon as is practicable, after the close of the ballot. The Principal will make the final decision in the event of a tie. 

4.18.1 The male and female candidates with the most votes will be appointed School Captain 

4.18.2 The males and female candidates with the second highest number votes will be appointed School Vice-Captain 

4.19 The successful candidates will be informed of the outcome, in person, by the Principal. 

4.20 School Captains will receive a badge of office at the first whole school assembly in Term 1 and these badges are to be worn every day. 

4.21 Acknowledgement will be published in the school newsletter and on the school’s website. 

4.22 School Captains will be asked to sign a Student Leadership Essential Agreement, in line with the International Baccalaureate philosophy. 

4.23 A School Captain may be removed from office by the Principal Class if he/she fails to abide by the Student Leadership Essential Agreement. 


5. Evaluation: 

5.1 This policy will be reviewed every two years as part of the school’s review cycle.