Excursions & Incursions Policy

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1. Definition

1.1 Coordinator - The teacher who is organising the excursion or incursion.

1.2 DET – Department of Education and Training.

1.3 Excursion - An excursion is defined, for the purpose of this policy, as any organised and supervised school activity that requires children to venture beyond the school boundary.

1.4 IB-PYP - International Baccalaureate–Primary Years Programme.

1.5 Incursion - An Incursion is defined, for the purpose of this policy, as an activity that involves school visitors who provide a performance or service for the students, usually for a fee.

1.6 Teacher In Charge - The most senior teacher who is present at the Excursion or Incursion.

1.7 WWCC – Working with Children Check.


2. Purpose

2.1 To ensure excursions are planned, approved and conducted in accordance with DET policy and requirements.

2.2 To ensure that all excursions requiring School Council approval meet the requirements of the Safety Guidelines for Education Outdoors.

2.3 Excursions and Incursions provide an authentic and relevant link to the school’s comprehensive educational programs.

2.4 Excursions and Incursions provide common experiences which can build student connections and conceptual understandings within a Unit of Inquiry or in other curriculum areas.


3. Guidelines

Planning and approval process considerations should include:

3.1 The educational purpose of the Excursion and Incursion and its contribution to the IB-PYP curriculum program;

3.2 The expectation that all students will attend the Excursion/Incursion planned for their class;

3.3 The maintenance of full records, including documentation prior to and following the excursion/incursion; and

3.4 The suitability of the environment, climatic conditions and/or venue.


Safety, emergency and risk management considerations should include:

3.5 Communication strategies;

3.6 Assessment of Excursion/Incursion risks;

3.7 Procedures in the event of an emergency;

3.8 Arrangements if the Excursion/Incursion needs to be cancelled or recalled (eg.due to forecast severe weather conditions);

3.9 Compliance with DET notification procedures; and

3.10 First Aid requirements.


Staffing and Supervision considerations should be in line with DET guidelines including:

3.11 Sufficient staff to provide appropriate and effective supervision;

3.12 Appropriate levels of supervision in view of the activities undertaken and students involved;

3.13 Informed consent from parents or carers;

3.14 Adequate student and staff medical information; and

3.15 Student preparation and behaviour.


Other considerations:

3.16 Appropriate transportation requirements; and

3.17 Appropriate clothing and personal equipment for all participants.


4. Implementation

4.1 All Excursions/Incursions notices are to be generated though the office using CASES21.

4.2 Adventure activities are to be treated as Excursions regardless of whether they occur on schools grounds or not.

4.3 A Coordinator will be appointed, at each Grade level, at the commencement of the school year to organise Excursions/Incursions for the Grade level.

4.4 The Principal or Assistant Principal is responsible for the approval of all Excursions and Incursions. Prior to the commencement of any detailed planning relating to a proposed school Excursion/Incursion, the coordinator and other key members will meet formally with the Principal, to discuss the planning summary for the proposed Excursion/Incursion, and to seek ‘in principle’ support for the event.

4.5 If the Principal/Assistant Principal or delegate’s approval is granted, detailed planning should commence using the school’s proforma for Excursions or Incursions. This must include a site and risk assessment.

4.6 When presenting information to the Principal or delegate, the Coordinator is to be aware of the following considerations:

4.6.1 What is the purpose of the Excursion/Incursion and its connection to student learning?

4.6.2 Do staff members attending have the competence to provide the necessary supervision of students throughout the Excursion?

4.6.3 Is an appropriately trained member of staff able to provide First Aid?

4.6.4 The need for supervisory adults, who are not registered teachers, to sign in at the front office in order to be compliant with our Child Safe Policy.

4.6.5 Is the location of staff and students throughout the Excursion including during travel known?

4.6.6 Is a record of telephone contacts for supervising Excursion staff available?

4.6.7 Is a record of the names and family contacts for all students and staff available?

4.6.8 Are copies of the parental/guardian consent and confidential medical advice forms for those students on the excursion available?

4.7 If approved, the DET online Notification of School Activity form will then be submitted three weeks prior to the activity, if required.

4.8 Staff will assess the effectiveness of the Excursion/Incursion through team planning and document any proposed changes to future events through their PYP planners.

4.9 Excursion/Incursion dates will be published in the school newsletter, The Communicator, and, via Konnective updates.

4.10 All endeavours will be made not to exclude students simply for financial reasons. Parents experiencing financial difficulty, who wish for their children to attend a day Excursion, will be required to discuss their individual situation with the Principal. Decisions relating to alternative payment arrangements will be made by the Principal on a case-by-case basis.

4.11 All families will be given sufficient time to make payments for Excursions/Incursions. Parents will be sent notices before the Excursion/Incursion date reminding them of the need to finalise payment. Children whose payments have not been finalised at least 24 hours before the departure date will not be allowed to attend unless alternative payment arrangements had been previously organised with the Principal.

4.12 Office staff will be responsible for managing and monitoring the payments made by parents and will provide classroom teachers with detailed records on a regular basis.

4.13 Information will be provided to parents of non-English speaking families, where appropriate, in a manner that allows them to provide an informed consent to their children attending Excursions.

4.14 A First Aid trained teacher will attend each Excursion to maximise student safety at all times.

4.15 The school will provide a First Aid kit for all day Excursions.

4.16 Copies of completed “Permission” forms and signed “Confidential Medical Information” forms must be carried by Excursion staff at all times.

4.17 A senior staff member will be in attendance at school whilst the children are returning from any out-of-school-hours excursion. The Teacher in Charge will communicate with this person with regards to the anticipated return time.

4.18 Parents/Guardians may be invited to attend an Excursion or Incursion. When deciding on which parents will attend, the Coordinator will take into account:

4.18.1 Any valuable skills the parents/guardians have to offer eg. First aid etc;

4.18.2 The need to include both male and female parents/guardians; and

4.18.3 The special needs of particular students.

4.19 Parents/Guardians selected to assist with day excursions will be required to pay their Excursion costs, where necessary.

4.20 Parents/Guardians are required to have a WWCC.

4.21 Parents/Guardians are made aware of their responsibilities associated with the Excursion/Incursion by the Teacher In Charge. The Teacher In Charge will inform parents/guardians and teachers of Emergency Management Procedures, including First Aid, where appropriate.

4.22 As parents/guardians may be responsible for groups of children, siblings should not accompany them on Excursions or Incursions.

4.23 Parents/Guardians are expected to focus on the group or individuals to which they have been allocated and follow directions of the Teacher In Charge.

4.24 Only children who have displayed respectful, cooperative and responsible behaviour at school will be invited to participate in school day Excursions/Incursions. Parents/Guardians will be notified if a child is in danger of losing their invitation to participate in an Excursion/Incursion due to poor behaviour at school. The decision to exclude a student will be made by the Principal/Assistant, in consultation with the classroom teacher and the Teacher in Charge.

4.25 In the event of a student not attending an incursion or excursion, arrangements will be made for the student to work in another Grade, under supervision.



5 Related School Based Policies:

5.1 Child Safe Policy

5.2 Code of Conduct

5.3 Supervision Policy

5.4 Visitors in School Policy


6 Evaluation:

6.1 Proformas for Excursions and Incursions will be reviewed and updated annually.

6.2 The school will keep abreast of any new guidelines provided to schools from DET.


7 Review:

7.1 This policy will be reviewed every three years in line with the school’s review cycle.