Class Placement Policy

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1. Purpose

1.1 To explain to our school community how we manage requests for class placements, for the following school year.

2. Policy

2.1 The process that Coatesville Primary School works through to plan each student’s class placement begins months before the end of the school year. We understand that in certain situations, parents/guardians may like to request that their child be placed in a class with a friend.

2.2 Coatesville Primary School uses the following guidelines when allocating students into classes (in no particular order):

2.2.1 A range of academic abilities.

2.2.2 Equitable distribution of students requiring behaviour management.

2.2.3 Equitable distribution of students with health needs.

2.2.4 Consideration given to student friendships.

2.2.5 Age and gender balance.

2.2.6 Equitable distribution of numbers across a year level.

2.2.7 Appropriate distribution of students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

2.2.8 Recognition of parental consultation and student consultation regarding class placement of multiple births.

2.2.9 Consideration of access to the physical learning environment for students with a disability/special needs.

Requests for placement with friends

2.3 Coatesville Primary School recognises the importance of fostering and maintaining friendship groups. We also understand that it is equally important for students to mix and learn with peers who have different interests.

2.4 Students select five learning buddies towards the end of each year which are taken into consideration when allocating classes.

2.5 If you would like to request that your child either be placed in a class with a particular student/s or NOT be placed in a class with a particular student/s, please ensure that you make this request by the end of Term 3 the year prior so that we can consider your request in organising our classes for the following year.

2.6 Requests for class placements must be made in writing, by completing the ‘Class Allocation – Specific Student Need Request Form.’ We DO NOT guarantee class placement requests, but will endeavour to take your wishes into consideration where possible.

Requests for placement with certain teachers

2.7 All teachers at Coatesville Primary School are caring and committed educators and Coatesville Primary School strives to ensure that all students are provided with a high quality education.

2.8 Whilst we appreciate that you may believe your child would benefit from being placed with a certain teacher, we are unable to consider these requests. Our school’s leadership team has an in-depth understanding of each teacher’s strengths and will always endeavour to place our students with teachers who are best placed to suit their needs. We do not re-allocate students to different classes during the school year, unless exceptional circumstances arise. Parents will be advised of the situation if it arises.

Requests for students to repeat a year level

2.9 Our school will follow the Department of Education and Training policy in the School Policy and Advisory Guide on Year Level Movement.

2.10 We will regularly promote students to the next year level and will exercise our professional expertise and judgment in relation to these matters. Students are only able to repeat a year level in exceptional circumstances where Coatesville Primary School considers it is required for the long-term benefit of the student e.g. considering their social, wellbeing and academic needs. We will ensure that parents/guardians are advised of the options that we consider best meet individual student needs. Students will not repeat a year level without the consent of parents/guardians.

3. Evaluation

3.1 This policy will be reviewed every third year as part of the school’s regular policy review cycle.


Please download PDF version for Class Allocation – Specific Student Need Request Form