Alcohol Policy

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1. Definition:

1.1 DET – Department of Education and Training

2. Purpose:

2.1 To create an alcohol policy which is relevant to family events at the school or held by the school, while complying with Liquor Licensing Laws and following guidelines by DET. While alcohol consumption is legal over the age of 18 years, people have different expectations about what is reasonable in different settings.

3. Guidelines

3.1 That all staff and parents are aware of the alcohol policy.

3.2 That all staff and parents model appropriate behaviour in relation to alcohol consumption at all school events.

3.3 Where alcohol is to be served at school events, it must be served and consumed responsibly.

3.4 That the school complies with Liquor Licensing Laws.

4. Implementation

4.1 All events, where alcohol is present on the school grounds require the Events Coordinator to be mindful of and comply with the Alcohol Policy.

4.2 In some instances, the Event Coordinator and School Council may agree to the provision of a bar at an event where children are present, such as a Carnival. Where alcohol is being served at a school function there must be designated serving area where children are not permitted.

4.3 Parents are required to model appropriate behaviour.

4.4 For all events, including events where children are not present and the Events Coordinator/Committee proposes to sell alcohol at the function, prior approval must be sought from School Council. For such events, the following applies:-

4.4.1 At least one person with a Responsible Serving Alcohol (RSA) certificate must be present at each event where alcohol is served

4.4.2 Sufficient non-alcoholic drinks must be available

4.4.3 No alcohol is to be consumed on the school premises after 11.00pm, therefore the bar must close at 10.00pm.

4.4.4 There must be a designated area where alcohol may be served and consumed.

4.4.5 School Council may agree to make exceptions to this policy on a case by case basis for specific events.