Student Allocation to Class

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1. Purpose:

1.1 To ensure that students are allocated to a class that meets their academic, social and emotional needs.


2. Guidelines

2.1 The following criteria will be used for the allocation of students into classes:-

2.1.1 A range of academic abilities

2.1.2 Equitable distribution of students requiring behaviour management

2.1.3 Equitable distribution of students with health needs

2.1.4 Consideration given to student friendships

2.1.5 Age and gender balance

2.1.6 Equitable distribution of numbers across a year level

2.1.7 Appropriate distribution of students from non-English speaking backgrounds

2.1.8 Recognition of parental consultation regarding class placement of multiple births

2.1.9 Consideration of access to the physical learning environment for students with a disability/special needs.


3. Implementation

3.1 Classroom teachers, in consultation with specialist teachers, begin to develop a draft allocation from October for the following school year.

3.2 The Leadership Team (Principal, Assistant Principal, Leading Teachers) review all allocations and make necessary modifications.

3.3 The Principal Class (Principal and Assistant Principal) approves the final allocations to classes.

3.4 Students are informed of their following year’s teacher and the location of their home room on the last day of the school year.

3.5 If it is deemed necessary, the Principal approves the re-allocation of a student or students to another class. This is done in consultation with the parent/s of the child/ren concerned.

3.6 Students can nominate up to 5 friends they would like to be with in their home room for the following year. Every effort is made to ensure students are with at least one nominated friend. A record of the child’s nominated friends is kept on file by the Assistant Principal.

3.7 In extenuating circumstances, parents who have a concern regarding the placement of their child, may write to the Principal providing reasons for consideration. Parents will be notified of the outcome of the decision which will be final.

3.8 Requests made by parents for a particular teacher are not considered.

3.9 Consideration of the placement of multiple births are made in consultation with parents.

3.10 As part of the StepUp (Transitions program), parents receive notification of their child’s class teacher for the following year in the parent information pack which each child takes home on the last day of the school year. This pack contains the end of year Student Report.


4. Evaluation:

4.1 This policy will be reviewed every two years as part of the school’s review cycle.