Enrolment Policy 

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1. Definitions

1.1 DET – Department of Education and Training.

1.2 Neighbourhood Boundary (Zone) – the zone referenced on the map on the school’s website.

2. Purpose

2.1 To ensure the school admits only eligible students.

2.2 To provide a smooth and seamless transition for students to school.

2.3 To provide an efficient process of enrolment that meets the needs of the school and prospective families.

2.4 To provide information to families.

2.5 To provide support to families, as required.

3. Guidelines

3.1 Coatesville Primary School has a Neighbourhood Boundary (Zone) due to enrolment constraints.

3.2 All students who enrol at Coatesville Primary School must be an Australian citizen or a student with a relevant specified visa or Immicard.

3.3 Our enrolment requirements include the provision of the following documents which need to be hand delivered to the school office where they can be verified:

3.3.1 a completed Coatesville Primary School enrolment form;

3.3.2 an original Birth Extract for photocopying by the school office or equivalent if born overseas;

3.3.3 an immunisation status certificate. Please note that it is a legal requirement to provide an entry immunisation certificate on enrolment at any primary school in Victoria;

3.3.4 three documents as evidence of residency in the Neighbourhood Boundary (Zone): current council rates notice OR current lease/rental agreement from a registered real estate agent in the name of the custodial parent/s or guardian/s; a utility invoice in the name of the custodial parent/s or guardian/s; and current Victorian driver’s licence or passport in the name of the custodial parent/s guardian/s with matching residential address;

3.3.5 details of medical or other conditions that may require special consideration by the school;

3.3.6 emergency telephone numbers, including a nominated doctor; and

3.3.7 if a student has transferred from another school, the name of the previous school and the student’s current year level.

3.4 We consider the following factors during the enrolment process and prioritise in the following order:

3.4.1 students living in the Neighbourhood Boundary (Zone);

3.4.2 students who have sibling/s attending Coatesville Primary School;

3.4.3 the distance which the student resides from the location of Coatesville Primary School; and

3.4.4 any compassionate grounds. Please note that the curriculum is not grounds for enrolment on compassionate grounds.

4. Implementation

4.1 All children who are eligible to attend a Victorian government school and who reside within the Neighbourhood Boundary (Zone) designated for Coatesville Primary School are welcome to attend the school.

4.2 Students enrolling at our school as part of Prep intake will be required to provide proof of age indicating that they have turned five years of age on or before the 30th of April of that year as well as an immunisation certificate.

4.3 A child who is less than the minimum age of entry for Victorian schools, but has transferred from an interstate school, is also eligible for enrolment. Proof of age and their previous full time enrolment at the interstate school must be provided.

4.4 Where a student is younger than five years of age on the 30th of April in the year of enrolment and has not transferred from interstate, parents may request early enrolment which must be in writing. This will then be considered by the Principal, who must make a written recommendation for consideration by the Regional Director. This application will then be considered by the Regional Director who will make a decision regarding the application. The Regional Office will then notify both the parents and school of the decision, in a timely manner.

4.5 To be eligible for an exemption from the minimum age requirement a student must meet the following criteria (as per DET guidelines) -

4.5.1 require extra support or assistance, or possess suitable academic ability; and

4.5.2 it is in the student’s best interests to be enrolled at or attend a Government school at the early age.

4.6 Students with special needs will be enrolled with other eligible children.

4.7 Students who meet eligible enrolment criteria and wish to transfer from a neighbouring school must first speak to the Principal of their current school to request a transfer. The Principal of their current school must authorise the transfer before an application for enrolment will be accepted by Coatesville Primary School.

4.8 Transfers from neighbouring schools will not take place during term unless there are extenuating circumstances and the transfer is agreed by both schools.

4.9 The Principal or Assistant Principal (or delegate) will contact the principal of the previous school of all students seeking transfers in order to discuss the circumstances of the transfer, to seek a transfer note or an immunisation certificate (if enrolling) and to discuss academic or behavioural matters.

4.10 Students will be allocated to classes according to the Allocation of Students to Class Policy.

4.11 School tours with the Leadership Team will be held during Term 2. These dates will be advertised on the school website.

4.12 Local government school principals meet in August each year to confirm their list of applications for enrolment for the following year. A letter confirming a child’s enrolment will be sent to the residence of the enrolling student after the meeting. Where a parent has enrolled in more than one school the application will be placed on hold at both schools until further contact with the parent/guardian takes place.

4.13 It is expected students enrolling in Prep will attend an interview with a member of the Leadership Team in the year prior to their commencement at the school.

4.14 The Principal or Assistant Principal (or delegate) may contact the kindergarten teachers of students seeking enrolment within Prep to obtain and discuss any information which may be relevant to their well-being at school.

4.15 Information regarding the enrolment of overseas students can be obtained from DET.

5. Evaluation

5.1 This policy will be reviewed every three years as part of the school’s policy review cycle.