Coatesville PS Snow Sports

1. Definitions

1.1 DET – Department of Education and Training.

1.2 WWCC – Working With Children Checks.

2. Purpose

2.1 To provide an opportunity for students from Grades 3 to 6 to experience a safe, enjoyable and challenging activity in an alpine environment.

2.2 To introduce new skills in skiing and snowboarding through professional and quality tuition.

2.3 To assist with the growth of social skills and the development of School Values in group situations when away from the home and school environment.

3. Guidelines

3.1 Grade camps are a priority over the Snow Sports Camp. Only students who have attended or have committed to attend their Grade camp, will be eligible for the Snow Sport Camp.

3.2 The snow sports venue will be Mount Buller.

3.3 The Snow Sports Coordinator:

3.3.1 will be appointed by the Principal each year. The Snow Sports Coordinator will take responsibility for ensuring this Policy is implemented;

3.3.2 will liaise with the booking company, Snowplay Tours (at present), to ensure accommodation, transport and tuition are booked; and

3.3.3 will conduct a review after the camp and report back to School Council.

3.4 DET Requirements

3.4.1 The ratio of teachers to students specified by Department of Education and Training (DET) for an outdoor education camp (alpine) is 1:8.

3.4.2 DET recommendations and requirements will be complied with at all times and include: staff/student ratios; staff qualifications/experience; student skills/knowledge acquisition; equipment and clothing requirements; and organisational requirements and management process.

3.5 The Snow Sports Camp will be costed at the beginning of each year.

3.6 It is a DET and Coatesville Primary School requirement that any adult attending the Snow Sports Camp in the role of parent helper possess a current WWCC which must be kept on file by the school.

3.7 Essential Agreements

3.7.1 All parents and students attending the Snow Sports Camp are to ensure they have read and agree to abide by the Snow Sports Essential Agreement. These documents will be provided in the parent and student information packs.

3.7.2 All parents who have agreed to be a parent helper at the Snow Sports Camp must attend the compulsory parent information session for parent helpers.

3.8 This policy is to be read in conjunction with the Excursion & Incursion Policy.

4. Implementation

4.1 A limited number of places at the Snow Sports Camp are made available each year. A first in, first served process applies on the day that bookings open. Bookings are made online. A waiting list is generated in the event of cancellation or withdrawal.

4.2 Costing and Payment

4.2.1 Parents will be notified of the exact cost and other relevant details relating to the Snow Sports Camp as soon as practicable but before bookings are made. All families will be given sufficient time to pay for the Snow Sports Camp and instalment dates will be provided. Parents will be sent reminder notices a fortnight before the Snow Sports Camp departure date reminding them of the need to finalise payments.

4.2.2 Students whose payments have not been finalised at least two school days before the departure date will not be allowed to attend unless alternative payment arrangements have been organised with the Principal.

4.2.3 No refunds will be given for non-attendance. In exceptional circumstances a portion may be refunded, if medical or other relevant evidence is provided to the Principal, or delegate.

4.3 The Snow Sports Coordinator will convene a committee of teachers, and parents where appropriate, to meet regularly to assist with the organisation and implementation of the Snow Sports Camp.

4.4 Information Evening

4.4.1 A Snow Sports Camp information meeting will be held early in Term 2 to inform prospective participants and their parents of the Snow Sports Camp. Information will be advertised in the school newsletter.

4.4.2 Once numbers are confirmed a follow up information evening will be compulsory for all students and adults attending the Snow Sports Camp.

4.5 Families should discuss and determine whether they would like their child to participate in the skiing or snowboarding discipline. Once selected and documented by the Snow Sports Coordinator selections cannot be changed.

4.6 Emergency Management Plans are explained to staff and parents attending the compulsory information evening. The school’s Medications Policy will be adhered to under the supervision of the Level 2 First Aid trained staff member in attendance at the Snow Sports Camp.

4.7 Parents Attending

4.7.1 The Snow Sports Coordinator is to liaise with the Principal/Assistant Principal to approve the final list of parent attendees.

4.7.2 Parental participation is limited. A combination of parents who have previously attended and those who have not is preferred.

4.7.3 No more than one parent/guardian of a child/ren can attend the Snow Sports Camp. Siblings of those attending Snow Sports Camp are required to be at school during the Snow Sports Camp period. Siblings and other family members are not permitted to attend the Snow Sports Camp or attend any part of the Snow Sports Camp activities.

4.8 Compulsory teacher and student meetings are held on a weekly basis in the lead up to the Snow Sports Camp. Information including notices and payments, allocation of yellow jackets and organisation of the Snow Sports Camp will be discussed. Non-attendance may result in the student being withdrawn from the Snow Sports Camp.

4.9 Any actions by parents in breach of the Essential Agreement for Parents will result in the parent no longer being permitted to continue their involvement or participation in the relevant Snow Sports Camp activity. The Principal will be notified as soon as is practicable.

4.10 Safety: Breaches of Essential Agreements for Students

4.10.1 Any actions in breach of the Essential Agreement for Students will result in the student being withdrawn from Snow Sport Camp activities for a time deemed appropriate by the teacher in charge.

4.10.2 Serious breaches or continued inappropriate behaviour will result in parents being notified and requested to collect their child from the Snow Sports Camp. The Principal will be notified as soon as is practicable.

5. Related School Policies

5.1 Excursion and Incursion Policy.

5.2 Medications Policy.

6. Review

6.1 This policy will be reviewed annually as part of the school’s regular policy review cycle.